• Single Vision
• Progressive
• Bi-focal
• Sunglasses – with or without prescription
• Children’s glasses
• Safety glasses

Eye Exams

Wednesday to Saturday
• Comprehensive eye exam
• Children under the age of 20 covered by OHIP
• Seniors covered by OHIP
• Adults covered by most insurance plans
Through specialize­d assessments including retinal photography, optical cohe­rence tomography (OCT) and Humphrey visual fie­ld testing, we aim to facilitate e­arlier identification of eye­ conditions like glaucoma and age-relate­d macular degeneration. The­se evaluations give insights that can improve­ monitoring of eye health ove­r time.

Contact Lenses

• Soft
• Toric
• Bifocal
• Gas permeable

Optical Lab on Site

• We are able to provide patients with prompt, efficient, and affordable prescription management thanks to our on-site optical lab.